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Be Careful When Submitting Articles to Some Craft Magazines

There has been much discussion on various forums recently about submitting articles to craft magazines.  It appears that those magazines within the All Craft Media umbrella are falling short on their promises to the originators of articles.  It saddens me greatly when I hear of hard working honest individuals are treated so badly by ‘the big boys’ of the industry.  I wonder if they realise the implications of their action to not pay, let alone not return items made for the magazines.  Hours of hard work designing, sourcing fabrics, creating, photographing and documenting the design disappear, never to be seen again.

When I first heard about the ‘discussions’ on the ravelry forums I thought that it would be one person with a vendetta against one of the magazines.  It’s very easy to express negative experiences when you don’t have to look someone in the eye so I read with caution the comments that were literally being added every second.  However over the weeks the volume of stories has continued to increase and the content of some is just disturbing.

Having run my own sewing school for many years I have submitted my own designs to a variety of magazines and have always been paid on time, thanked for my contributions and had samples returned.  I have worked with and submitted to Sewing World, Sew, Popular Patchwork, Mollie Makes, and Sew Hip.  Sew Hip not only did not acknowledge my contribution (I only submitted once) they failed to pay and then used my idea in the following months magazine.  It was only a simple idea that I submitted but never the less to copy it and claim it as their own idea took the biscuit!

Having seen the ravelry posts and today two other blogs talking about this I have decided that now is the time to make sewers, knitters and crafters’ aware of the growing discontent within the industry towards ACM  (Formerly KAL media).  This is not a vendetta on my part I have only had one encounter with Sew Hip and this is purely my experience and I would be happy to look the owner in the eye and have the discussions with her.  Like many individuals I tried to contact the magazine via email and phone but didn’t receive any reply.

These two  blog posts are on a similar theme today and have inspired me to reveal my own experience.

I’d be interested to hear from those people who have had a positive experience with either ACM or KAL Media as they were formerly known as.  Equally if you have had a problem please share these as well or just spread the word to ensure that at least you arrange upfront payment to cover your costs.  I’d be interested to know if there are any other blog posts on this subject – please post links below.

Have a great Bank Holiday weekend, I will be sewing a waterproof jacket from a pattern that I am in the process of reviewing.  ( More soon)

Happy Sewing


I have now been informed that ACM (All Craft Media) has today gone into liquidation.  This is on the Ravelry forum.

As of this morning ACM is no longer and has gone into administration and has not paid any of it’s staff as there is no money in the company.
Mr Rycroft started the new company on Monday reason address is in London is he used there are 3228 companies registered at this address.

The new company is called Hand Made Living Magazine details can be found here (and various comments)



  1. I’m really sorry to hear your sample and payment went walkies as well. I’m going to update my post to add your link to it – if that’s not ok, please let me know!
    It’s a sad state of affairs, but you are very brave for sharing and we all appreciate it.

    • Thank you Jenna. I think I’m quite lucky compared to some people.

  2. Reblogged this on embroiderycrazy and commented:
    This is something that makes me very angry as I know how hard crafters work.

    • Thank you, it gives the industry such a bad name. Some of the stories I have read and heard are just awful.

  3. Annpan

    ACM are now in liquidation. At 10 am today staff were called into the office to be informed at 10.15 that ACM had been placed in liquidation and they were out of work with no pay. Disgusting.

    • Yes it is! Those poor employees.

  4. That’s very interesting. Handmade Living has been going for quite for some, and has always been billed as a “sister” magazine to Sew Hip – it’s also owned by ACM. I advertise with Sew Hip and have been told that they’re rebranding and from the next edition (on sale 31st May) will be called Sew Me. I wonder if it’s still owned by ACM ?

    • The new business has been listed by Kerries Father who I am sure is acting on his daughters behalf.

  5. May I point out that the company has been placed in administration, rather than liquidated. If you have any money owed/have unreturned samples/have outstanding subscriptions/paid-for advertising or any other claim whatsoever with All Craft should contact the Administrators contact details below). who need to know the full extent of the company’s debts. If you have an outstanding subscription and you are unsure whether that would be with KAL or ACM, it is also worth contacting the Administrator as if you have received any parts of that subscription from ACM it may well be that your contract of subscription is now with ACM – whatever they might have claimed at the time.

    I am concerned that other sectors of the craft world may be ‘taken in’ by someone who has proved herself no more or less than a scam artist and would urge anyone with connections elsewhere in the craft world – be it wireworking, woodwork, cardmaking or cross-stitch, to pass the word along.

    FRP Advisory
    10 Furnival Street
    EC4A 1YH

    Tel: +44 (0)20 3005 4000
    Fax: +44 (0)20 3005 4400

    Contact name – Alastair

    • Thank you Alastair for correcting me. I’m sorry if this caused confusion.

      • I’m not Alastair from FRP! I’m Eena – I just want any of us who might have been caught up in this mess to know what’s going on!

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